About CoF

Dream Comes True

CoF’s or Center of Faces tends to be the first model & talent management in the country providing standard and cost-effective modeling services. CoF’s targeted area would be Kabul initially, once the demands grow, we will try to expend our services to other big cities, including but not limited to Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalal Abad & Kandahar.
CoF will not only focus on commercial modeling and provide models for TVC ads, we will try to make this Agency a one-stop-shop for all Modeling related activities, which will include but not limited to (Modelling, Runway/Catwalk, News Anchors, etc…).

become a model

our model

If you are:
– A beginner model seeking an appropriate scouting agency to help you grow professionally.
– A model and you want to be represented and spotted by the scouting department of a good and renowned booking agency from Central Asia.
– Not a model yet, but you think you have the required qualities and you decide to work as such after participating in upcoming model courses organized by us.

Founder & Director

MaQsood SHaKiB

Art Director & Photographer