About CoF

Dream Comes True

Center of Faces - CoF is the exclusive model & talent management agency established in Afghanistan with international standards. 

CoF will not only focus on commercial modeling and provide model for TVC ads, we will try to make this Agency a one-stop-shop for all Modeling related activities, which will include but not limited to (Modeling, Acting, Fashion Runway/Catwalk, Anchors, Influencers, Ambassadors and etc...). 

CoF is a modeling community, leading the way internationally in connecting new faces (aspiring models) and professional models with reputable agencies, photographers, stylists, and other industry clients. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is not only desired but also innovative and highly effective. After a lengthy process of research and development including consultation with top modeling agencies, we have created to make a fast, streamlined and efficient service that gets proven results and is an essential tool for the modeling community. We are passionate about providing a professional online platform, which benefits all new and professional participants in the modeling industry. 

Why CoF?  CoF provides endless opportunities for models, photographers, agents, and agencies. Never before has a service been so easy and effective. 

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