MaQsood SHaKiB

About MaQsood SHaKiB

Born - 30th June 1998 in Kabul, Afghanistan

MaQsood SHaKiB aka iamsheek, a young Afghan Model and Prominent Figure, as well as a Design Expert. For the first time, he entered into the world of modeling in late 2016. SHaKiB gained fame after appearing in several Commercial Ads in 2018.

Featured in:

-     Vitamin C Energy Drink TV Commercial Ad

-     MTN Afghanistan 4G TV Commercial Ad

-     HaftMewa Restaurant TV Commercial Ad

-     Etisalat Raffle Draw TV Commercial Ad

-     Lalandar Clothing Brand Catalog 

-     AWCC Student Data Bundle Poster

-     Ashna University Billboard Ads

-     Neda Phone Company Billboard Ad

-     Audio Narration for Orange Leaf Mobile Company

-     more to come...

Personal Interests:

Favorite Attire: Jeans and T-shirt, Suits when it comes to formal.

Favorite Color: All kinds of colors, especially Yellow “My lucky color”

Favorite Song: "I like all kinds of music" especially Hindi ghazal.

Favorite Perfumes: Chanel, Bleu de Chanel and Gucci.

Favorite Food: I love all kinds of foods, but mostly sweet foods.

Favorite Sport: Bowling

Leisure Activities: In my free time, I like surfing the Internet and also I like to spend time with my family if I ever get free time because they are very important to me.

Strengths: My family is my strength in life.

Favorite Hobby: Basically, my hobbies consist of doing anything that sounds like fun. However, I've picked out a few that deserve honorable mention.

More About iamsheek

Traveling has to be one of my all-time favorite things to do. Whether the destination be a location that requires a 10 minutes’ drive or a 10 hours flight, I am always up for the opportunity to visit a new place. I particularly enjoy visiting other countries. I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit such various places, and plan to continue doing so whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I enjoy being Active, Creative, Staying fit, Feeling well, and just being healthy.

I personally like thinking about my future at night. I think the best time to work out for a new idea is the time that you can put your best effort into it.

What more is there to say? My Family means the world to me. I feel like I spend a lot of my time with my family because we can be glad that we have such good relationships with our parents.

I Hate Liars and Hypocrites!!!

I Love Frankness and Honesty!!